Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saab Sonett II Rear Ideas

What would you do if you had a Sonett II with rear damage, including a busted rear glass? Well, if you're like Jack, you'll sketch up a few ideas like these:

This idea uses a flat rear deck, with a vertical rear window and short panels:

Similar concept, but with full length sail panel and a louvered rear window. Also note the use of different rear taillights, likely from a Fiat 128 Coupe, which is a theme Jack includes in many Sonett II sketches:

A T-Bar roof design, which also features a small rear wing:

A side view of the T-Bar roof design. Note that the front of the car has also received some attention:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Aerosabre 2

One of several ultra-aero coupes that Jack has sketched, this time featuring a rear mounted Saab 99/900 engine/trans power unit, gull wings doors, and Tatra like central rear fin.

Unique 3+1 seating position:

Passenger side door is a gullwing, driver side door featuring a sliding mechanism:

Typical full array of instrumentation

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saab 8000 and 960

It was 1985, and Jack decided that Saab needed a smaller, fuel efficient coupe/sedan. As it happens, he also predicted a joint venture between Saab and Subaru, penning this vehicle with a flat-four Subie engine. Early pages tagged this design the "8000" while later pages have it running under the model name of "960."

Door details shows the characteristic Saab 96 window pivot:

Front hinged hood, ala Saab 96:

More interior details:

"This space for rent" shows careful attention to detail under the vehicle:

More interior details:

Rear view shows asymmetric exhaust layout:

Pretty sure this predates the Nissan Pulsar NX, which had a replaceable rear hatch to form a coupe or wagon back end:

Even the door hinges get consideration:

Front end treatment includes homage to Saab grilles and logos of the past:

Subaru flat-4 engine under the hood of a Saab? Who would have guessed it...

After a few pages, Jack picks back up the theme of the 8000, but with "960" nomenclature. This pages shows the impressive HVAC ducting system:

Final design of the 8000/96. Some of the swoopy coupe lines have been replaced with a boxier 9000-look:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saab Sonett "4" Targa

There are a bunch of sketches in Jack's books featuring Saab Sonetts, including this modified Sonett III. In this design, Jack modifies the greenhouse area and roof to create a targa top, some speed bumps resembling a pair of headrests, and a wrap around rear deck wing.

Side profile shows a new rear half design, and the roofless structure. Bottom sketch shows a novel removable rear window and the targa top:

Closeup view of targa roof and rear window area. Notice the rear fender spats.

A roofless Sonett is actually one of the "easier" modifications to make, as the fiberglass body isn't part of the car's structure. Maybe if Jack didn't appreciate Fiat's 124 Spider so much, he would have created a topless Sonett.

Saab 96 "Aero"

How to make your Saab 96 even more aerodynamic than it originally was (0.36 cD from the factory):

You'll see a trend in many of Jack's designs, including his attention to detail in controlling air movement around wheel openings. In fact, he is a big fan of wheel skirts, and this Aero 96 shows an extreme example of their use on the front wheels.

Sketchbook #3

Page 1 from Sketchbook #3. I have no idea why there is no sketchbook #2.